Metastatic Breast Cancer Saskatoon

Metastatic breast cancer patients need your support. Every year over 5000 women and men die of breast cancer in Canada. Approximately 6-10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer are Stage IV to start. In addition, up to 20-30% of early stage (0-III) patients later develop metastasis – months or years after treatment. This is despite mammograms and the appropriate treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy. Metastasis occurs when cancer occurs outside the breast. It is the deadly form of breast cancer – metastasis to lungs, liver, bone and brain impact life.

Researchers do not know why some patients do not respond to treatment, why the cancer returns and why the cancer eventually becomes resistant to all treatment. Thus early detection and early stage treatment can only achieve so much. While very exciting developments in drug treatments have extended survival, the median life span is still three years. People with mets remain in treatment for the rest of their life – in this way they are both survivors and lifers.

Metastatic breast cancer patients need more research!

Please join our team and lend your support.

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This year's event is on Sunday September 30th, 2018.



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