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Simply the Breast


1 in 9 Canadian women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.


On May 5, 2014 I felt a lump in my left breast and I knew it was cancer. I saw a Naturopath, she told me not to worry about it. I told a couple friends and family about it. They werent concerned at all but I had a feeling. I went and saw my family doctor and she sent me for a mammogram and then they sent me for an ultrasound. The ultrasound chekced me out and then sent me for a biopsy. Finally I got the dreaded call from the Drs office that my test results were in and they would like to see me. They dont want to see you if you are fine. They will tell you that over the phone. 


The hardest part for me was telling the people I loved. Its not fun making people cry! Once that was done it was time to tell my staff and the rest of the world. I have alot of younger girls that work for me/with me so I knew I had to be strong for them. I wanted them to say when they were older and someone they loved got this same diagnosis, "My old boss/friend got breast cancer and it was no big deal! She kicked its ass!"


Thankfully I was able to accomplish that and my biggest hope is that I can inspire others to do the same:)


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